Flea & Tick Franklin Lakes, NJ

Harvest Lawn Care has thrived in Franklin Lakes for as long as we have because we have a deep understanding that lawn services do not stop at grass protection. The best lawn care companies must also deal with the bugs that would prefer to take a bite out of humans and animals instead. This is where our flea and tick control program enters the picture. This makes us the complete package in terms of lawn service. Fertilization and weed control, tree and shrub care, and blood loving pests all get the same attention and effort with our certified and expertly trained staff. An apparent part of a lawn care services company is to protect your yard from grubs and certain insects, who are a clear hazard to the health of your turf. Though, we also know that lawns are not only meant to present a beautiful foreground picture for your home. Yards are also meant to be lived in. Whether it is barbecues, your kids playing ball, or your dog running around the yard, your outside property is an extension of your house. The summer months are generally when people are most active outside on their lawns. Unfortunately, that is also the time when fleas and ticks are at the height of their own activity. Ticks are carriers of transmittable diseases that can pose a hazard to humans and pets. Fleas are very adept at establishing themselves both outdoors as well as indoors. Flea bombs will not be as effective as our products that are strategically applied by our expert staff. Our company realizes that prevention is even better than a cure. This is the reason we have a perimeter pest control service. Our application is thoroughly laid down along your home's entire perimeter. We find every possible entry point into your home, and apply our products in those holes. This will keep fleas and ticks from entering, so they won't have to be taken out after already taking hold. We also use products for different seasons to keep out other bugs. As you are probably aware, northeastern New Jersey is teeming with deer. Though they are a pleasant sight to behold, they can unwittingly pose a hazard to your property in their search for food. The unfortunate fact is, deer sometimes come to eat the plant life you have outside for ornamental purposes. Harvest Lawn Care has a deer control product that easily sprays onto these ornamentals, rendering them unappealing to their palates. This treatment can be applied every month for the full year. Harvest Lawn Care provides our flea and tick service for the express purpose of protecting the health of you and your family, including your pets. We realize better than anyone around town that using dangerous chemicals to drive away these pests would clearly defeat the purpose. Therefore, we take pride in saying that we have made the effort to obtain products that are environmentally safe. You will be able to enjoy an afternoon outside in the yard free of concern of your children or dogs ingesting anything unsafe from this most effective lawn services program. For the past two decades, Harvest Lawn Care has provided top rate flea and tick control. We look forward to bringing you in as part of our valued clientele. Our performance, coupled with our guarantee of 100 percent satisfaction will keep you coming back year after year. Serving the Franklin Lakes area, please call us today.