Lawn Care Franklin Lakes, NJ

For most homeowners, the lawn makes up the largest part of their landscape. The size of your lawn notwithstanding, giving it the best maintenance will significantly raise your home's property value. Though we understand that a lot of people have an independent attitude when it comes to lawn care, your grass can be far better serviced by professionals. At Harvest Lawn Care, we are first rate among these professional lawn care companies in the region of Franklin Lakes. The six step lawn fertilization program generally begins in March, with the start of the active growing season. This initial treatment accomplishes two tasks. It gives your grass an early jolt of extra nutrients, making its transition to activity easier. Also, we get a jump on those weeds that would love to take the place of your turf with our pre-emergent weed control chemical. Approximately one month later, we return to give your lawn the same treatment. This added layer of protection against the early growing pests such as crabgrass and broadleaf weeds is effective at making sure they won't be a problem for your lawn. The third treatment, which comes in the month of June to July, will consist of a granular fertilizer that is specifically tailored for optimal nutrition during the warmer months. In addition to a weed control application, we also offer an additional grub control product, if it is needed at this time. The fourth treatment occurs in the latter half of July or August. This is an application of fertilizer, as well as insect control, if necessary. The final two outings for the year will take place at the beginning and in the middle of fall. When we come out for the fifth visit, in addition to applying both fertilizer and weed control products, we add to the mix some iron. Grass that is iron deficient can lose some of its greenness, along with some of its ability to grow at an ideal rate. Iron will keep that lush look to your grass well into the autumn season. It will also stimulate the roots of the grass to grow deeper, which will enable them to take in more of other nutrients. The last treatment will be done at any time between the middle of October to the month of November. This is a critical step which fully prepares your lawn for the winter. A cold-season fertilizer that is extremely high in nitrogen and potassium will be laid down, strengthening the roots and giving it the nourishment it will need to be prepared to grow once again when the spring arrives. Our company also offers optional lawn services in addition to our lawn fertilization and weed control program. Over time, your soil can become compacted, reducing the ability of your grass to absorb nutrients and water. Harvest Lawn Care's aeration service will take plugs of soil out, relieving that compaction, and allowing water and fertilizer to more easily penetrate the soil. There is also an optimal pH for your grass to grow. If your soil is too acidic, we can make it more alkaline by laying down lime. We also have selective herbicides to eliminate dangerous plants such as Poison Ivy. And lawns aren't the only place weeds can grow. We can treat your landscape beds with pre-emergent herbicides. Our lawn care team of over 40 employees will make sure you are served promptly and effectively, with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Serving the Franklin Lakes area, we look forward to your call.