Tree & Shrub Care Franklin Lakes, NJ

Though our name says lawn care, our company does not stop at just tending to your turf. Our certified arborist and highly trained technicians will ensure that our trees remain healthy as well. During the past 20 years, we have grown our customer base not just due to our work ethic, but also our diversity. Our team is not just qualified for lawn service, but for all of your outdoor plant life. Your turf may be the largest part of your landscape, however replacing an area of dead grass is generally less expensive than having to replace the shrubs that surround your home, or the trees that provide shade to your house and bring down air conditioning bills. In the Franklin Lakes area, people have our business to turn to in order to prevent this from being needed. We will give them nutrients they need, as well as protect them against insects and fungal diseases. Harvest Lawn Care’s tree and shrub care program is spread out through most of the year. We begin in the early spring with a treatment of dormant oil. The oil will smother any eggs that were laid in the wood or leaves during the winter, as well as adults that burrowed inside for hibernation. During the spring, your plants will also undergo a root zone fertilization treatment as well as a pest control application, which will drastically reduce the usual springtime insects and fungi. The summer visits focus heavily on pest prevention and elimination. As the weather becomes very warm, insects become the most active. Our products will reduce the number of insects to where they are not a threat to the overall health of the plants. The final two visits occur in the fall. Any pests that remain will be held at bay by yet another targeted treatment, to ensure your plants will not be overstressed when the weather gets colder. The final treatment will consist of a dormant oil spray to prevent pests from wintering in the plants, or laying their eggs within them. Harvest Lawn Care offers additional services that can complement our annual program. If you have a tree or shrub that is nutrient deficient, we can deliver a direct dose of fertilizer via the injection method. If you have a plant that is currently infested with a pest that is resistant to standard treatment, our specialty sprays can drive them out of your foliage. Should there be a reason that spraying would not be the optimal manner to treat the tree, we have other pesticides that can be applied by injecting it directly into the trunk. For hemlock scale and wooly adelgid, we have available a tailored formula which can be injected into the tree as a preventive measure. If you have not had your plants fertilized in the spring, or if weather conditions or other factors require a feeding, our team can provide a fall root zone fertilization to help restore any stressed foliage. Finally, when winter arrives, the cold can also bring a lot of dryness. This can cause a lot of stress to your evergreen plants. Harvest Lawn Care has an anti-desiccant chemical that can be sprayed onto these evergreens to hold in moisture and prevent them from drying out during the coldest months of the year. Do you want to provide the best protection for your fall foliage? No other lawn care companies around Franklin Lakes will look after your precious plant life with the same diligence or competence as our certified staff. Please call us today!